Search/Lead Generation

It all starts here. No matter how you acquire your list of prospects, we’re here to help you begin that all important initial outreach and engagement. And, we have the talent and resources you need to make it successful.


Campus Events

Encourage attendance with communication that reaches not just the prospective student, but their family too—across all channels!  With EMP, your team can set-up, manage and communicate about the event directly.


Pre & Post Application

Drive prospects to apply, keep them informed of the process and be clear about where they are in the process with to-do lists and status updates.

Campaign-Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Transform your traditional, un-friendly documents into personalized, bold marketing brochures, and then enhance the effect by pairing them with online solutions that net quick review and easy acceptance.


Family & Parents

We know that more than 6 out of 10 parents are actively engaged in the college search process—so why limit outreach to just the prospect alone?

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Yield & Enrollment

From acceptance letters to deposit confirmations, stand out from your competition and keep their momentum up with consistent outreach across all channels.

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Final Push

From unique print pieces like posters and calendars to socks that keep “cold feet” at bay, Liaison is ready to explore a customized late-stage engagement solution that fits your university to a tee.

When I was brought in to create a turnaround plan, I immediately partnered with Liaison to create personalized, omni-channel campaigns for lead generation, yield and everything in between. Our biggest result? A yield rate increase of 21% over two cycles!

Dr. Christopher Smith, Executive Director of Enrollment Management, Marketing & Financial Aid

Kansas State University Polytechnic Campus


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