It’s Time to
Re-Think Print!

Relevant and Readable: Think outside the “inbox” with variable print.

Liaison’s powerful direct marketing software generates automated, trackable, targeted, and personalized print. Every prospect’s favorite word is their own name, but we work with our clients to get far more creative.

From major of interest and distance from campus to program-specific student testimonials and even event registration, we’ve seen it all because we’ve done it all. When the content is relevant, the print piece is read.

Expect significant increases in response rates across all channels by adding a tangible channel. Our research shows that when coupled with personalized print, email open rates increase by as much as 37% and click-through rates jump up 14%.

Make a change:
Take action now with on-demand print.

Whether it’s adding new academic programs and extracurricular activities or reconfiguring the event calendar due to a global pandemic—quickly update your content with our easily-modified print collateral.

Eliminate “old viewbook” storage—and never send an outdated print piece again. Make corrections once a semester (or once a day) with on-demand print.

From in-house to in-hand:
We ensure they get what you pay for.

After two decades of producing award-winning marketing collateral, we know a thing or two about direct mail. With our creative designers, copywriters, print specialists, and strategic account managers all under one roof—we have total control of the entire concept-to-fulfillment process.

Sending personalized print is as simple as giving us the “okay.”

Branded marketing collateral:
The one thing at every college fair.

In Fall 2020, most recruitment events are going virtual. With variable, on-demand print, bring your college fair table to their kitchen table.

One of the best conversation starters at a recruitment event is handing a prospective student a print piece from your travel bag. Imagine if that search piece had their name on it! Focus on leaving a positive first impression, even if it can’t be face to face.

Did you know? 77% of homes sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it. That’s a high open-rate!

On-demand print at every stage in the cycle

“We’re all in this together” doesn’t mean you can’t stand out.

With the power of next-generation, on-demand print, you will:

  • Save money: Print only what you need when you need it.
  • Reduce waste: No more closets full of static, outdated print pieces.
  • Track success: Run real-time, multichannel campaign analysis.
  • Adapt to change: Update your content on the fly.
  • Enroll more students: Gen Z students (and their families) seek authentic, personalized, relevant communication.

“As our situation changed daily, it was good to have a partner who adapted swiftly to meet our communication needs. Liaison’s variable print-on-demand service allowed us to quickly revise messaging to accepted students to be sensitive to the current pandemic.”

Linda Quimby
Vice President of Enrollment
Franklin Pierce University

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