Higher Education Marketing Reimagined

Today more than ever, reaching and enrolling the right students requires your institution to carry out omni-channel communication campaigns that are immediate, relevant, automated, and trackable throughout every stage of the cycle.

Our Approach to Admissions Marketing

Our unique combination of software and services, built exclusively for higher education, allows you to quickly and effortlessly create automated inquiry response campaigns that drive your prospects to engage with your institution or program. When you partner with Enrollment Marketing by Liaison, seamlessly delivering a single message across a wide variety of media, including print, email and digital forums such as personalized URLs (“PURLs”) for every prospect and their families is not only possible, but it’s been proven to work, too.

Print enhances email

Email open rates increase by as much as 37% and click-through rates jump up 14%.


Why Send Mailers?

77% of homes sort through their physical mail as soon as they get it.


Say goodbye to generic. EMP’s focus is on customized inquiry response — in other words, maintaining engagement once the initial connection is made. With EMP, you’ll be able to reach out with nurture campaigns, drive students to the next milestone in the process and provide relevant content at every stage of the application experience.

Each unique PURL, for example, includes messaging related to the interests highlighted by students on their initial inquiry form as well as any additional information they require in order to apply. In tandem with that, nurture emails and custom print mailings foster continued engagement and encourage prospects to take the next steps in the cycle.

The Enrollment Marketing Platform

Our powerful software allows you to create, manage and analyze web, email, text, print, voice and digital marketing campaigns — all within one fully automated system.

As your prospect moves through the admissions cycle, EMP automatically updates communication to that prospect based on stage change or one of many other markers. This ensures your outreach is always consistent, relevant and effective.

Explore the Student Experience Yourself

To see how an omni-channel campaign works, visit marketsmarter.liaisonedu.com/PURL. You’ll receive a personalized microsite, automated email, text message and even a personalized print piece — just like your students will when you engage them with EMP.

Once you discover how EMP can change the way with you engage with prospective students and their families, you’ll never look at marketing for higher education quite the same again.


See How It Works

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